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Charles Fey invented the very first slot machine in 1895

Charles Fey, inventor of first slot machine.

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The Explosion of Online Slots

Many beginners are asking why there is such a huge demand and clamouring for online slots. What they don't understand is that online slots have been around for quite some time. Seasoned players also understand that the wide range of online slots is needed because players all don't play the same way. There are certain preferences that they consider.

One particular player may prefer a certain online slot over another. Once you understand this, you'll know why there's an influx of online slots.

The more choices an online casino offers in terms of online slots, the more players it attracts. Online slots need to be diverse so that casinos will avoid boring their most faithful clients.
With this unique demand, software developers are on top of their game to introduce more games for a growing number of online slot players.

The first online slots gave players one play line and three reels. IT was also bare and had no flash. In short, it was pretty boring. Of course, at first players were hooked, but after some time they grew bored with it. Software developers now have to create new games to keep players from moving to other casinos to play online slots.
The first wave of online slot machines were so simple they featured a single drum and the same symbols spinning over and over again.

This pushed casinos to hire the best and brightest developers. Casinos knew the future was with online slots. This also forced them to offer a wider range and more diverse line-up of progressives and online slot machines. Soon after, the new wave of online slots featured more than three reels and much more active lines.
Developers worked hard to have this achieved. Now players should feel spoiled that casinos and developers worked so hard just to keep their attention.


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Last updated 27 August 2014
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