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While online slots are a game of chance, there are certain steps you can take to put the odds in favor and win big jackpots.

Does Slot Placement Affect your Odds at Winning?

There is a theory that has made casino players more wary of the placement of slots than ever before.
 It is said that machines with higher payouts are those that are intentionally placed at the less visited areas of the casino to make sure they attract less players.
On the other hand, those slot machines that give lesser payouts are then placed at areas that more easily seen and accessed by casino customers. After all, casinos are business establishments and owners plan to profit more than their customers.

This can either be true or merely a fake theory but there's no harm in trying. Watch your winnings to see if playing in these "hidden slot machines" really enables you to win more.

Frank Scoblete, is "a widely published authority on casino games", to quote the Washington Times.
He was the first person to bring up the theory of slot placement in media. In his book, Break the One-Armed Bandits, he wrote an interview with a casino manager who stated that they place high payout percentage slot machines at the unnoticed areas of the casino while those that offer less payout percentage get the privilege of being at the obvious areas. People seemed to believe that this scheme works in all casinos there are.

With this fact being out for the public to discover, isn't it possible that casinos have already changed the way they place slot machines?
That being said, it is probably best if you stop being too engrossed with the slot machine placement theory and focus instead on learning the tricks to win with a slot machine, regardless of where they are situated in the casino.

Also to help you loosen up on your concern with the slot machine placement, how about considering playing slots online? After all, online casinos offer better payouts than the land-based ones and you would never have to worry about slot placement at all.

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