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The popularity of the slots game is based on its simplicity and little skill required when playing the game.

Types Of Slot Machines

When slots became more popular, more types of the slots developed in both land based as well as online casinos.

Three Reel Slots:

3 reel slot machines are definitely the most popular kind of slots game available. The term “reel” has to do with the separate parts within the slot machine.

Progressive Slots:

Progressive slots supply huge jackpots which accumulate after each bet that is placed and once the jackpot has been won then the prize starts increasing all over again.

Five Reel Slots:

Unlike the common slot machines, this one has 5 reels and for that reason provides from 5 to 21 paylines.

Video Slots:

As online gambling popularity has increased, video slots has risen above the rest as the modern type of slot machine.


Floating the Flop – Out of Position

No sooner had someone realised that continuation betting was extremely profitable a counter strategy had to be created. In stepped the term floating the flop, but what does it actually mean?

Floating the flop is where you call a flop bet with a weak hand with the intention of bluffing a later street. The smartest way to deploy this part of your arsenal is when you have position on your opponent. This is important because you get to make your decision last on the turn and the river, which increases the chances that your flop float will be successful. But when you develop your skills as a poker player you can also float the flop out of position. Here is an example of floating the flop out of position.

Before deciding to float the flop out of position you need to make sure you have selected the right opponent to make the play with. You will be looking for an aggressive player who c-bets a lot of flops and also follows up with a high percentage of turn bets (also known as double barrels). Once you have identified such an opponent then you need to find a board texture that you can bluff and that has very likely missed your opponents opening range. T42r is a good example because it is dry with very little chance he hit it and very few draws.

Once you have the set-up you can check-call the flop and then on the turn you check again. If your opponent bets then you can check-raise and take down the hand. If after you have checked your opponent also checks then you can bet the river and again he will fold a high percentage of the time.


Last Updated 6 September 2014
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