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While online slots are a game of chance, there are certain steps you can take to put the odds in favor and win big jackpots.

If poker is more up your ally, but for some reason the other players seem to always know when you are bluffing, or have a good hand, or if you want to have the reading skill, then read through our article on reading poker tells, and let us help you improve your game.

We have added a number of strategies and tips with regards to the best way of playing Online Slots.

Betting the maximum

Decide on a betting level to suit your wallet, and make the habit of always making max-coin bets. To get high payouts then it is always advisable as you play with much better odds if you bet maximum coins.
Be sure you always understand the payout schedule of the game you are playing as some games have an auto-spin feature that lets you play spin after spin without watching.

Stick to your budget

Choose slot machines that best suits your bank roll. If you make high bets compared to what you can afford then you will soon run out of money and your game will be called short. Obviously if you only had $100 to play with then you need to play lower than if you had $100,000.

Bonus Rounds

You should take advantage of the bonus rounds on offer. Bonus Rounds are where you gamble with some or all the coins you just won on the regular spin. This bet will often pay out even money, so its a good way to win. Although it does give a good chance of winning even more money, there is that chance of losing all the money you just made. Your winnings get bigger, but you won't win as often.

Seeing all the angles

It is advisable to learn and understand pay lines. Some machines can have as much as 25 pay lines. You need to understand that in these cases, it is not enough to play max coins. If you play max coins on 1 pay line out of five, you won't win the largest payouts or the progressive jackpot. For you to be able to hit the biggest payouts possible, you need to play not only max coins but also max pay lines. This will definitely cost more, so you need to change the coin nomination further downwards. For instance you should play four coins and five lines on a five cents machine to have the same amount of fun.

We all know Online Slots are a game of chance, but there are steps you can take to put the odds in your favour and win big. Read through the following Top 8 Online Slots Tips to help you improve your chances of winning, however, there are no guarantees, as in all Online gambling games.

1. Avoid getting your emotions involved

Slots are easy and fun to play. You need to gamble only money that you can afford to lose. Do not be tempted to carry on playing once your money has run out and your emotions are running high. This can be very dangerous.

2. Have a look at the payouts

Play at Online Casinos that have high payout tables. Play at Casinos that offer payouts of over 97%. This means that of every $10 played, the online casino, keeps only $0.30.

3. Always Play Maximum Coins on Progressives

To win the Progressive Jackpot you need to play maximum coins on a progressive machine. If you don't then you are basically increasing the jackpot for someone else to win it. Imagine you won the jackpot but because you played only one coin you won $1,000 instead of $1,000,000. That's not very clever.

4. Play in a game that you can afford

Only play in online slots games where you can afford to play the maximum bet on every spin. It is pointless to play a $5 maximum progressive jackpot slots game when you only have $20 to your name. Rather play a quarter slot machine as your money and enjoyment will last much longer.

5. Only play with an amount you are willing to lose

Gambling is entertaining so in order for you to keep it enjoyable you should never gamble with more than you can afford. It takes a lot of discipline but you need it to ensure that gambling doesn't end up taking away money saved up for your future i.e. your children's' college tuition.

6. Take advantage of FREE casino sign-up bonus's

Many online casinos offer new or 1st time players a FREE 'welcome' or sign-up bonus. Look for casinos that offer signup bonuses to make your bank roll stretch a little further.

7. Don't be afraid to switch slot games

You shouldn't spend all your time on one particular slot game. Players have the idea that because they have already 'invested' a certain amount of money in a specific game, that the jackpot will eventually hit. This isn't necessarily the case. Its best to spend your money at different slot games, you may just win at the one you least expected.

8. Devise a plan and keep to it

Before gambling, choose a slot game you wish to play at for that session. Decide on a 3-reel, 5-reel or progressive jackpot game. Set a budget, and stick to it !!

Slots Strategy

Slots strategy

Now that we've discussed the importance of bankroll management in slots, let's take a look at some of the details.

First of all: you need to have a separate bankroll for playing slots. Don't mix this with any sort of essential money, set it aside for slots and more importantly: be prepared that you may lose it all. Much like in poker where playing on scared money affects players' abilities to make the mathematically correct decision, in slots, scared money will first of all destroy the fun element and it may even set you on a tilt which makes you toss all your carefully designed bankroll management plans right out the window.

The session bankroll is the second step. Out of your total bankroll, you should cut out several session size bankrolls and you should stick to those as well. Say you want to play 5 slot sessions a week, and you have $500 for a week's play. Create 5 $100 bankrolls and knock yourself out. Make sure you stop playing whenever your session bankroll runs dry and that you never take away from the following session's roll to play on.

Once you start winning, things get a little more complicated. Suppose you start out on a $100 bankroll, and you win $50, so that you're left with $150. Your session bankroll is obviously alive and well, so when should you stop playing? Stop as soon as you lose the amount of money you were prepared to lose in the first-place, that is, $50 - about half of your session bankroll. That way, you'll conserve your winnings and you'll be able to spin the reels another day.

The maximum bet-size is another factor that directly concerns your bankroll management. As you know, progressive jackpots offer those fabulous payouts to those who play maximum coins. If you play less and hit the jackpot, your payout can be extremely disappointing.

Now then, when does it make sense to play maximum coins? It depends a lot on the size of your bankroll and on the maximum bet size. After all, your goal should be to play as much as possible on the maximum bet level to give yourself the best chance to take down that fabulous jackpot. If your bankroll is only enough to play for 10 minutes and you planned to squeeze in a 30 minute session, then the maximum bet size is most certainly too big for you on the given slot machine and you'd probably do better to look for another one armed bandit.
Your bet size is always important as some players are tempted to bet more when they're losing, in an effort to get lucky and to recover all the losses in one swoop. By sticking to your loss limits and win goals (doubling up is a nice performance in any slot player's book, so you should probably call it the day once you're there) you'll be able to limit the time you spend on losing streaks and maximize your winning spree.

Always read the information displayed on the slot machine carefully. Just jumping in and playing at any random bandit is not the way to go. Make sure you know your paylines, your bonus rounds, side games and everything related to the game. Also make certain you have your slot club card with you as you'll be able to turn your comp points into cash through it.



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