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While online slots are a game of chance, there are certain steps you can take to put the odds in favor and win big jackpots.

Making Money from Online Slots

Professional poker players have managed to make a living risking, bluffing and raising cards. But these players are perhaps the only ones known in the gambling business to earn enough money to live off. Online slots can also be a source of income, although not on the same level of poker.

Behind the great graphics, loud sounds and easy-to-learn interface, there's a way to earn extra income from playing online slots, and this is how:

1. Many online slot developers add the option "see pays" on their games. It allows players to see the whole dynamics of the game. With this information, you can fully take advantage of it. Online slots that offer free spin bonuses will reward players more. On the other hand, slots which offer no free spin bonuses usually win more times than the players do. It's very helpful to know this particular piece of information!

2. Be observant with the payouts and bets all the online slot machines give. Most online casinos allow players to check the history of the slot, so that could be worth doing before you play.

3. Players can actually analyse what the online slot machine can do. You can perform this by doing a ten-spin count. Perform this by spinning the slot ten times and checking how many times the line you've bet on wins. The better line needs to be a constant bet. If you win more than seven times out of the ten spins, continue to play because it means the machine is in the middle of a streak. The ten spins are easy to use and gauge the total status of the online slot.

These are simple tips that can be followed by even the newest of players. While it may not be constant income, you can still earn a little from playing online slots.


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Last updated 27 August 2014
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